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Lease Holders


Landlords face many challenges specifying EV charging facilities for residents, including how to

  • handle the different constraints of electric cars - e.g. 50 mile minimum practical range and up to 7 hour charging times

  • ensure chargers are usable - e.g. not requiring cars to be moved before and after charging

  • minimise costs - e.g. the large potential cost of upgrading the electricity supply

  • reduce the likelihood of conflict - e.g. resident-resident and resident-landlord

  • know which option is best for the landlord and residents rather than a supplier

We provide a business case that is tailored to your needs that, as well a solving the above customer challenges :

  • Supports 98% of commuters

  • Summarises EV technology

  • Supports all types of parking - inc allocated, communal and mixed

  • Supports all types of parking location - inc underground and remote

  • Summarises a minimum of 3 options - 


​Let us address the above issues by ordering your tailored Business Case today 

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