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Residents with Connected Car Park (e.g. underground or next to flats)

Typical Costs To Resident

Costs for the installation and operation of charge points at this type of residence will vary depending on

  • the layout

  • the proximity of the main fuse box

  • how much the leaseholder is prepared to share

Assuming the average UK annual mileage of 8,000 miles/year and, compared to £800/year for diesel, the resident should expect to pay

  • minimum of £400/year to cover the electricity only at 17p/kWh

  • minimum of £500/year to cover the electricity and charger hardware costs.


Leaseholders are keen to retain and attract residents as they become increasingly more eco-conscious, so they should be open to discussing installing charge points.

The cheapest way of installing charge points to

  • acquire as many signatures of other residents wanting to switch to electric

  • complete and send this Request for Installation of Charge-point(s) to the leaseholder

  • if you have a tenant association, it is probably better to do the above through them

Alternatively, let us handle it for you.

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